Corporate and Commercial Law

Proudly assisting the modern day “karums”

It is of no coincidence that one of the very first legal structures of institutionalized “foreign investment” and “international trade” were established in Anatolia during the 20th century B.C in the form of Assyrian karums (“commercial districts”). As a consequence, one is not surprised by the fact that the trade routes or that the money was first invented during the 7th century B.C by the Lydians again in Anatolia… Sitting on this legacy, Turkey has a very dynamic and globally connected private sector and commercial life. Corporate and commercial law and foreign investment regulations are at the heart of all those activities. For all those reasons, this is one of our core areas of practice.

Özkan Law Office provides a full range of corporate and commercial law related services to leading international and local Clients in different industries starting from the incorporation stage throughout their entire operations. The experience shows that having a very thorough understanding of the Clients’ industry, business and objectives is critical in this context. Hence, over the years we have enhanced our expertise in various industries such as energy and mining, agriculture and seed business, commodities, health, information technology and data science, shipping and transportation, automotive, etc.

In addition to providing legal support on day-to-day corporate and commercial matters of the Clients, we have extensive experience on restructurings, dissolutions and mergers and acquisitions.

Our M&A practice covers all major stages of the transactions including conducting due diligence, preparing transaction documents, representing the Clients in negotiations and handling regulatory filings. We are proud that after the closing of most of the M&A transactions, we have continued to provide corporate and commercial law support to the Clients we have represented in the specific transactions throughout their operations in Turkey.

Our practice in this field includes the following;

  • Drafting, amending, terminating commercial and business agreements
  • Incorporation of corporations, joint ventures, liaison offices, branch offices
  • Corporate maintenance services including appointment of managers, convening general assembly and board of directors’ meetings, drafting signature circulars
  • Corporate governance and compliance
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Liquidation
  • Corporate finance (including support in relation to the required collaterals)
  • Data protection regulation compliance
  • Drafting employment contracts and related policies
  • Real estate related agreements and transactions