Dispute Resolution

“A bad settlement is always better than a good lawsuit”

says a majority of the legal community from the globe, including the judges. A dispute and litigation is often a considerable burden and almost always causes a substantial loss of time and resource for a corporation. It causes tension and sometimes it is even detrimental to the innovative spirit of a corporation. Therefore avoiding a dispute or aiming to settle it amicably is our primary goal. However, when it is not possible to avoid or settle a dispute, our office represents the Clients in litigation and ADR from the beginning until the end with full dedication and diligence.

Our services in this include:

  • Litigation
  • Mediation (We have licensed mediators in our team)
  • Arbitration
  • Enforcement of foreign court judgments and arbitral awards
  • Debt collection

“We are proud to secure and finalize a favorable ICC arbitration award!”

Özkan Law Office represented a leading international seed company in its dispute with its exclusive distributor in Turkey.

The distributor initiated an ICC arbitration against the Client and claimed compensation for wrongful termination of the exclusive distributorship agreement (“Agreement”) and also asked for good will compensation. The Client claimed distributor’s breach of the Agreement and counterclaimed compensation for breach.

Following hearings and expert examinations, the ICC tribunal dismissed the distributor’s case while accepting the counterclaim and ordered the distributor to pay compensation in the counterclaim.

The distributor filed a case before Turkish courts to set aside the ICC award. The first instance court dismissed the application and the distributor appealed. In its recent ruling, the court of appeal dismissed the appeal and confirmed the ICC award, which has now become final and enforceable.