International Connections

Connected mind is an intelligent mind. From the Mesopotamians to the ancient Greek, civilizations and great minds have always emerged and flourished in “connected” societies. We therefore value our collaborations with reputable law firms and colleagues from around the globe immensely.

Our firm is a member of LAWorld, a leading international network of law firms from all major cities of the world practicing in all areas of business law.
As we have a specialized Shipping and International Trade Desk, we are also a member of shiparrested, which is an international legal network of law firms specialized in shipping and international trade law from all of the major ports of the world.

Our founders serve in the executive committees of these legal networks. Our international links enable us to better understand our foreign clients’ needs and translate them effectively into the specific realities of the Turkish market and to assist the Turkish clients to have quality legal services at any commercial center in the world.