Mining Law

Mining Sector: God of the Industry

Like their great ancestor Hephaistos, who produced the armours of the Heroes, the mining sector provides the industry, modern day hero, with its essentials…

Turkey is, due to its peculiar geological setting, a mineral-rich country. Because of its richness in metals and ores, Anatolia played a leading role in the development of metallurgy since ancient times. The tradition continues in our times and several international companies as well as local investors have active industrial activity in Turkey due to this mineral wealth.

Our office has been supporting leading international and local companies in diverse fields of the minerals sector for many years at different stages and aspects of their operations, including mineral exploration, extraction, processing, production of speciality products, waste management, as well as project financing and their commercial agreements. We also provide legal assistance on regulatory matters including matters related to licences and other regulatory permissions.

In addition to providing support related to day-to-day operations of minerals companies, we regularly handle M&A transactions in the mining industry and provide services on all stages of the transactions including conducting due diligence, negotiating and drafting transaction documents, finalizing share or asset transactions, preparing legal opinions for the financers.

We also represent clients in their dispute resolution, including arbitration and litigation as well as representing them in the administrative cases related to licenses and other mining permits and zoning disputes.