Shipping and International Trade Desk

Istanbul is a major maritime and international trade hub and has been so for centuries.

After all, according to the legend the founder of the city, King Byzas, who also gave the city its first out of many names, Byzantium, was the son of Poseidon himself…

Our office has a long standing tradition in shipping and international trade law. Our special shipping and international trade desk consists of our specialized lawyers and correspondent lawyers based in different parts of Turkey to provide prompt service to the clients in all major ports of Turkey.

Our shipping practice includes arrest and release of vessels, cargo liens, charter party disputes, maritime and transport insurance, marine pollution, sale and purchase of ships and ship finance. Our office is a long-time member of the international network of maritime and international trade lawyers – shiparrested – which enables us to cooperate with other international law firms and arrest and release ships worldwide.

In addition to its expertise in shipping, our team has deep knowledge in commodity trade. We have been representing leading international commodity traders for many years and have expertise in all segments of commodity trade including cotton, cereals, seeds, oils, fertilizers and steel. We assist our clients in their international sale contracts, warehouse contracts, collateral documents including performance bonds, letters of guarantee, letters of indemnity, corporate guarantees, movable and immovable pledges.

Our team also provides dispute resolution services (including arbitration) related to commodity trade and have ample experience in enforcing the arbitration awards issued by leading arbitration associations in international trade such as International Cotton Association, GAFTA and FOSFA.